Important Notice to Clients

Investment in financial market is subject to risk. In order to asses the individual risk bearing capacity we have created a Risk Profile Questionnaire to establish a basis for the advice we will provide. It is therefore important for you to complete this document as accurately and fully as possible.

Failure to complete Risk Profile Questionnaire as stated above could result in advice being provided that is not appropriate to your individual needs, circumstances and objectives.

Please complete the below questionnaire in full.

Kindly answer each question honestly and accurately as failure to do so might result into investment risk profile which does not reflect your current attitude towards investing or which does not reflect your risk taking capability towards the investment which you make.

Investment Risk Profile Levels

Any deviation from expected returns is known as risk. We have categorized risk taking capability of a person on the basis of RPM questionnaires scores such as Aggressive, Moderate, Balanced, Conservative.

Low Risk (Score 5-9) :- Low risk category is for traders/ investors who invest in basically in equity cash and similar products which involve less risk in the market. 

Medium Risk (Score 9.5-13.5) :- Medium risk clients are less aggressive in their trades but they understand the level of risk involved in trades and invest according to it.

Moderate Risk (Score 14-17) :- Moderate risk clients prefer to take calculated risk which does not exceed above their capability.

High Risk (Score 17& Above) :- High risk clients are aggressive traders who are willing to take high risk with their investments.

As per our risk profile questionnaire score of the client may range from 5-30.

Risk Based Classification of the Services

1 Wealth Compass, Finplan 360 5-9 Low
2 Magic Moments, Weekend Star, Index Combo 9.5-17 Moderate High
3 Magic Combo 17 & Above High

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Get your RPM score.
1. What is your Age Group?*
2. What is your annual income range ?*
3. What is your primary source of income?*
4. What is your secondary source of Income?*
5. What is your proposed Investment amount?*
6. What is the value of your current portfolio?*
7. What is the value of your borrowings/ liabilities as on date?*
8.What percentage of your income is used in paying of your debt/ EMI’s? *
9. What is your investment objective?*
10. What would you do if your investment amount is making loss ?*
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2) Kindly do not make any payment in the name of Demate opening/Handling if done SKW Investment will not be liable for same.

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