"Stock analysis involves EIC (Economy, Industry and Company) approach, Our Research team uses Fundamental  & Technical Research to generate the best quality signals for retail investors. Buy and Sell recommendations of  various investment area & various opportunities which are given on a regular basis to serve our customers with the best possible support. We also provide rich research & analysis reports on timely basis to our customers to enhance their analytics."

Research Focus

Our recommendations are generated on the based of time and tested fundamental and technical research analysis models for our customers.

Our Expertise

Our core areas of expertise are Equities, Commodities, Currencies, Derivatives.  Our views are purely based on fundamental and technical analysis and are independent, unbiased and balanced.

Our time to time research reports help our customers understand their investment decisions wisely.


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Trading Principles

Always invest with a margin of safety
Use equal risk and reward in each trade
Keep patience while investing in stock market
Expect volatility and Profit and loss from it
Strictly follow stop loss levels
Know what kind of investor you are
Strictly follow the levels provided in each signal

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